Sunday, May 28, 2017

The Scott Horton Show

5/24/17 William Hartung ‘There’s Less Than Meets The Eye in Trump’s Saudi Arms Deal’,

Center for International Policy’s William Hartung, author of “The American Way of War is a Budget Breaker”, is interviewed about his new article “There’s Less Than Meets The Eye in Trump’s Saudi Arms Deal” on, on the huge new arms deal, which he writes is “a mix of offers already made and promises yet to be kept”. Hartung also talks at length about how these deals have an implied US security guarantee, and how the Saudi military has historically been a Potemkin army. Also discussed is the defense budget, how money is appropriated, and whether there is any hope to ever reign in the military industrial complex.

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5/24/17 Ted Galen Carpenter from the Cato Institute discusses Russia, the West, and the Bosnian conflict

Ted Galen Carpenter from the Cato Institute is interviewed on the Bosnian conflict and the deterioration of Western relations with Russia. United States government interference with a potential peace deal that was being formulated to end the conflict is also detailed.  The final border lines and how the Dayton Accords ultimately ended up displacing more people than the civil war did is also discussed, as is the history of Western Russian relations and the dangerous new cold war that has already set it with the Russian Federation.

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5/23/17 Jacob Hornberger on the drug war and his upcoming conference on JFK

Scott interviews Jacob Hornberger with the Future of Freedom Foundation at  Jacob talks about his upcoming conference, “The National Security State and JFK”, at the Dulles Airport Marriot in Northern Virginia on June 3rd, 2017, at which both Ron Paul and Oliver Stone will speak.

Hornberger also talks about the ongoing drug war in Mexico and how the laws of supply and demand can’t be overridden by a drug crackdown, even one as extensive as in Mexico, which involved the Mexican military going after drug lords. The total and absolute failure of the drug war is spoken about at length, including why the conventional thinking is flawed and the approach of most people in the country to this issue doesn’t address the core problem of drug addiction or the drug trade.

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5/22/17 Ray McGovern talks USS Liberty and Middle East Foreign Policy

Co-Founder of Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity and former CIA Analyst Ray McGovern is on the show to discuss his new article Not Remembering the USS Liberty and the new book by Philip Nelson, “Remembering the Liberty”. Scott and Ray discuss the audio of the ship to aircraft communications between the attacking aircraft and their commander, the story of the Israeli attack on the Liberty, and the incredible story of how the attack was ultimately ended, and how the captain of the USS Liberty received a Medal of Honor.

Also discussed is the 2013 chemical weapons attack in Syria and Obama’s response, and a great story of how Ray gave Joe Lieberman a lesson in constitutional law.

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5/18/17 Phil Giraldi Talks Intelligence Leaks

Scott talks with Phil Giraldi, former DIA and CIA officer and friend of the show, about the intelligence leaks surrounding the Trump administration. The information flow from the intelligence agencies and the FBI to the media is discussed and so is the possible impeachment that is being pushed. The leaks coming from the NSC, the staff of which was hand-picked by President Trump, and the FBI’s inability to find the leakers or even to look, is also discussed, as are potential motives.

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5/18/17 Trevor Timm from Freedom of the Press Foundation talks Wikileaks

Trevor Timm Cofounder and Executive Director of the Freedom of the Press Foundation at talks with Scott about Wikileak’s being considered by some in government as an independent intelligence agency and how that undermines the freedom of the press and the first amendment. The prosecution of Wikileaks or their personnel would set a precedent that would allow the Justice Department to prosecute any journalist for leaks or publishing classified information.

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5/15/17 Ron Paul on the 10th anniversary of his faceoff with Rudy Giuliani in the South Carolina presidential debate

Former Congressman Ron Paul discusses his argument with Rudy Giuliani during the 2007 Republican presidential debates about the link between US foreign policy and 9/11 (Rudy denied there was such a thing). Paul was the only one of 10 candidates on stage who opposed the Iraq War, and he stuck to his principles even after the crowd’s thunderous approval of Giuliani’s patriotism-laden rebuke. Paul’s debate answer has stood the test of time, and helped popularize the idea that an interventionist foreign policy causes violent blowback.

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5/12/17 Retired Lt. Col. Daniel L. Davis on a new US troop ‘surge’ in Afghanistan

Retired Lt. Col. Daniel L Davis discusses why previous US troop increases didn’t help win any battles for the hearts and minds of Afghans, and why this newest mini-surge being considered by the Trump administration won’t either. Over 15 years after the US occupation of Afghanistan, the Taliban is still a dominant force in much of the country, the US has no idea what conditions would constitute “victory” and merit withdrawal, and the rationale that further intervention is critical to the American national interest isn’t remotely believable – yet America’s longest war continues anyway.

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5/12/17 Sonia Kennebeck on her documentary film National Bird about America’s drone wars

Sonia Kennebeck, an investigative journalist and filmmaker, discusses her film National Bird about the people most effected by America’s legally and ethically questionable drone wars. The US-based operators and analysts who pick targets to kill with missiles from half a world away suffer from guilt and increased rates of suicide. Many survivors of attacks have seen their families killed and wonder why women and children were targeted as suspected terrorists.

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5/8/17 Conn Hallinan on how the US lead in nuclear weapons technology could lead to another arms race or nuclear war

Conn Hallinan, a Foreign Policy In Focus columnist, discusses how improvements in the accuracy of US submarine-based nuclear missiles are ending an era of mutually assured destruction (MAD) nuclear policy, and leading to a dangerous first-strike doctrine. Other nuclear-armed rival states like Russia and China will be forced to counter with more missiles armed with more warheads – leading to a new arms race and increasing the odds of an accidental launch leading to a widespread humanity-ending nuclear war.