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Sioux Tribe Says Elder Beaten and Tased by Cop While Trying to Visit Dying Mother

This article originally appeared at Anti-Media. 


South Dakota — The Yankton Sioux Tribe is claiming police used excessive force to prevent one its tribal elders, 64-year-old Raymond Cournoyer Sr., from seeing his dying mother in a nursing home last weekend. Cournoyer was detained following the incident with police and wasn’t able to see his mother before she passed.

Cournoyer, who spoke to Argus Leader on Tuesday, says he spent most of Saturday at the nursing home and that his mother was doing well, so he left that evening and returned home. He says the call he got from sister telling him to rush back to the city of Wagner to say his goodbyes was unexpected.

According to the Grand Forks Herald, an affidavit from the South Dakota Highway Patrol says one of their troopers clocked Cournoyer, a resident of Lake Andes, doing 72 in 65 mph zone. Cournoyer’s refusal to pull over prompted the trooper to call for backup from the Wagner Police Department when the vehicle crossed into those city limits.

The trooper followed Cournoyer to the nursing home. The Yankton Sioux Tribe released a statement to the press, and its claims of what happened next were summed up by the Yankton Daily Press & Dakotan:

“After verbally informing the officer of his intention to be at his mother’s side during her final moments and then taking a few steps, Cournoyer was allegedly grabbed from behind and pushed against his vehicle. At that point in time, the tribe claims a member of the Wagner City Police Department arrived on scene and slammed Cournoyer to the ground face first and tazed him. Both officers then placed Cournoyer in handcuffs, the tribe said.”

The tribe further claimed that the Wagner police officer, Eli Kuhlman, who fired the taser, was a recent hire and uncertified. Argon Leader confirmed that claim with Wagner’s city attorney. Kuhlman had been with the six-person force for less than a year and had that full year to complete officer certification.

In fact, Cournoyer’s daughter Philomena, who was a witness and posted photos of the encounter to Facebook, wrote in her post that she had to put her own skills to use that night due to the officer’s inexperience:

“I just thought I would share this as well, I am the one who had to remove the taser prongs that were stuck in his skin after they tased him. They police officer didn’t know how to remove them. If the officer is too incompetent to remove the taser after firing it how is he even allowed to use it?”

Speaking to Argus Leader, Chiara Cournoyer described her sister Philomena as a trained medical technician with a goal of becoming a tribal police officer.

Philomena further claimed in her post that the reason her father wasn’t able to say his goodbyes is that the officers made the family wait outside the nursing home for 45 minutes while they talked over what to charge Raymond with.

According to the South Dakota Highway Patrol, the eventual charge was eluding law enforcement. That agency has since claimed via press statement that the behavior of its trooper, Weston Fischer, was justified that night:

“South Dakota Highway Patrol has reviewed the actions of our trooper during this incident, and the trooper’s actions were professional and within South Dakota Highway Patrol policy. The South Dakota Highway Patrol did not request DCI investigation, but we have and will fully cooperate with it.”

The aforementioned investigation into the incident, being conducted by the state’s Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI), came at the request of the city of Wagner police chief, Argus Leader confirmed.

As of Friday, whether or not charges will be brought against the officers remains unclear. In an update on the case on Thursday, Argus Leader reported that that if charges are indeed filed, they won’t be handled by the county prosecutor.

The reason State Attorney Steve Cotton gave is that Raymond Cournoyer Sr. has been an expert witness on family law and tribal matters on too many cases for the county.

“In order to avoid any appearance of impropriety, we’re going to transfer it over to another office,” Cotton said, adding that because Cournoyer is “knowledgeable about child rearing and tribal culture, he’s a great expert witness for us.”

A determination into what agency would handle any potential charges has yet to be made.

As the Cournoyer family grieves the loss of a family member, the Yankton Sioux Tribe has called for a meeting with the city government of Wagner to discuss the issue. From the tribe’s statement to the press:

“We do not know if there is room to have a respectful discussion about the incident but we must try. Therefore, we have invited the City of Wagner’s Mayor, City Council, and Chief of Police to meet so that we can exchange information, opinions and ideas on ways our communities can address this incident and move forward. We hope they take us up on the offer.”

News Roundup 9/22/17

  • Axon has invented a program that allows citizens to upload videos to police. [Link]
  • US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley has become a star neoconservative. [Link]
  • Senator Bernie Sanders said Saudi Arabia is not an ally of the US. [Link]
  • National Security Advisor McMaster said the Iran deal is fundamentally flawed. [Link] Secretary of State Tillerson admits Iran is complying with the deal. [Link]
  • Trump signed an Executive Order allowing sanctions on companies that trade with North Korea. [Link]
  • This article has basic information on the Catalonian independence vote. [Link]
  • Catalonian leaders say the crackdown by Spanish police is a major blow to their independence vote. [Link]
  • UN Peacekeepers rape women who they are tasked to protect. [Link]
  • The UN Security Council condemns the Iraqi Kurdish independence vote. [Link]
  • In a UN speech, the Palestinian president said a one-state solution in an option. [Link]
  • Iran’s President says the nuclear deal cannot be renegotiated. [Link]
  • India says Pakistan is ‘Terrorstan’ and said Pakistan exports terrorists to other countries. [Link]
  • Syrian Kurds will hold the first in a series of three votes on Friday. The second round of voting in November and the third round is in January. The January vote will form a Parliment for Syrian Kurdistan. [Link]
  • Russia warns the US that Russia troops are near the front lines in the Deir Ezzor Province. This puts Russian troops within a few miles of the US-backed forces. [Link] Russia has accused the US-backed forces of hitting Assad allied forces with artillery. [Link]

FL Residents Warned They’ll Be Ticketed for Hurricane-Damaged Homes

This article originally appeared at Anti-Media. 

Miami-Dade County, FL — At a time when South Floridians rocked by Hurricane Irma were still surveying the damage to their properties, the country of Miami-Dade apparently thought it appropriate to begin handing out safety notices.

Celso Perez told local WSVN-TV that he, his family, and his neighbors were starting to clear fallen trees from the streets after the storm passed through at nine in the morning on Monday. Hours later, in the afternoon, Perez got a visit from the county.

“And we thought he was here to help us or offer some type of assistance with the trees, maybe he was going to bring us ice or something,” Perez told WSVN. Instead, the official slapped a safety notice on the only part of Perez’s fence still standing.

“I laughed,” he said. “I thought he was kidding. ‘You are kidding right? We just had a hurricane six hours ago.’ ‘No, I’m not kidding. I have to cite you for this.’ I just laughed. OK, whatever; knock yourself out!”

But Perez stopped laughing when the official told him he would be writing up a report and would be back to check on the property. Perez told WSVN that the man said he’d “have to write me a fine” if the fence wasn’t up to code by that time.

“At the time this officer was out here, we didn’t have power, we didn’t have food, we didn’t have ice. He is crazy, ridiculous,” Perez said, adding that “it’s not like I can go to Home Depot” because all the stores were closed.

The South Floridian says he understands that there is a lot of work that needs to be done but that the county’s rush to issue warnings was inappropriate:

“Give us a minute to breathe. Let us get our power back on. And I wouldn’t mind if they told me that a few days down the line or due time but it bothers me that they came out here just a few hours after the storm had passed.”

On the issue of restoring power, Reason noted that at the time Miami-Dade was handing out citations — the WSVN investigation found Perez was far from alone; the county handed out 680 pool barrier and 177 electrical hazard notices in the hours after Irma — 16,510 homes and businesses were still without power.

When Reason tried to confirm with Miami-Dade if monetary fines would be attached to citations, the county responded with the following statement:

“We were looking to advise residents of the following hazards on their properties that they may not have been aware of, but that pose a life safety threat: damaged structures that rendered them unsafe, unsecured pools with no barriers, electrical hazards (down lines, damaged meters) and gas hazards (damaged meters). If any of these hazards were found, our inspectors gave out a safety notice, which is neither a notice of violation warning nor a citation. That means there is no fine attached. The safety notices given to property owners identify the hazard, steps that should be taken to correct the hazard, and who to contact for additional information.”

Fine or no, WSVN’s legal expert and Broward County public defender, Howard Finkelstein, said the timing was “awful” for the people trying to recover:

“This is outrageous. After Irma, people were stressed, they were worried and for a government official to slap a warning notice on them to add to their misery is insulting.”

News Roundup 9/21/17

  • Trump says he has made a decision on the Iran nuclear deal. Tillerson says no one knows what decision Trump made. [Link]
  • Two Oklahoma police officers shot and killed a deaf man who was carrying a pipe on his own property. Witnesses were yelling at the police that the man was deaf and could not understand the officers’ commands. The officers say they did not hear that information. The deaf man was shot and tased several times. [Link]
  • A video has been posted on Facebook showing Pittsburg police officers beating a man on the ground. [Link]
  • A video has been released of a police officer confronting and handcuffing a 14-year-old boy with autism who was self-soothing. [Link]
  • Daniel Larison explains how the Iran nuclear deal is a one-sided deal in favor of the US. [Link]
  • The US Strategic Command Cheif has confirmed that Iran is following the nuclear deal. [Link]
  • The US will provide $32 million in aid to the Rohingya people. The total the US has given to the Rohingya in aid for the fiscal year 2017 is $95 million. [Link]
  • South Korea will give $8 million in aid to humanitarian efforts in North Korea. [Link]
  • France’s President said, “the Iran deal is not enough.” [Link]
  • Spanish police continue to carry out raids and arrests to try to prevent the Catalonian independence vote. [Link]
  • Ann Jones explains why US policy in Afghanistan has failed for 16 years and will continue to fail. [Link]
  • US-backed forces have recaptured 90% of Raqqa. 10,000 – 25,000 civilians remain in the city. [Link]
  • Airwars says more than 1,000 Raqqa civilians have been killed by coalition airstrikes since June. [Link] 433 civilians were killed in the month of August. [Link]
  • The US deputy commander of forces in Iraq said ISIS is collapsing faster than expected. [Link]

The Asian Skunks at the Diversity Party

Asians have done it again.

Once again, they’ve debunked the diversity dogma that prevails at universities and elsewhere, including the canard that minorities are held back because of white privilege, which is itself a canard.

How have Asians done this?

By achieving success as a racial minority, a minority that had faced as much, if not more, discrimination in the country’s past than other minority groups, including  such white minorities as my “wop” and “dago” peasant forebears, other impoverished southern European immigrants, dirt-poor Scots-Irish Appalachians, and, of course, Jews.

How have Asians achieved success?

Before answering, let me issue a trigger warning to Bolsheviks-in-training on college campuses.

Warning:  Reading what follows will make your head explode and splatter its contents of anti-intellectual goo on innocent bystanders.

Now for the answer:  Asians have succeeded by embracing bourgeois values.

Quick, call the campus police department. Explosions can be heard on the quadrangle, and students are running around in a panic, covered by a disgusting goo.

What bourgeois values have Asians embraced?  They have stayed married and raised their offspring in two-parent families, made sure that their kids excelled in school, saved money, worked long hours to climb the socioeconomic ladder, and bought real estate in the suburbs or city (see Vancouver, Seattle and San Francisco).

The “Asian” label includes those from the subcontinent of India, who have not only started tech businesses in Silicon Valley but also bought motels across the fruited plain, including in redneck parts of the country, where dark-skinned Hindus in traditional garb are the tiniest of tiny minorities.  It’s also where so-called privileged whites live in squalor and in an opioid stupor, without the industriousness and wherewithal to succeed in the motel business, due to losing their bourgeois values in the popular culture, or more accurately, the debased culture.

Meanwhile, as a result of their old-fashioned bourgeois values, Asians have risen to the top in household income.

You probably missed the latest statistics on this, because the media and academia purposely downplayed the significance of Asians making it to the top.   Here are the stats:

Median Household Income

Asian:  $81,431

Hispanic:  $47,675

Non-Hispanic White:  $$65,041

Black:  $39,490

Asians also are at the top in the percentage of two-parent families, with 84% of Asian children living with both parents.  By contrast, only 28% of blacks live in two-parent families.

The link between two-parent families and high household income is neither a coincidence nor a random correlation.  It is causation.

Perhaps you’ve heard about the two professors who had the audacity to break from the anti-intellectual campus herd and write a scholarly paper on the benefits of 1950s-style bourgeois values.  They’ve been attacked mercilessly by herds of raging campus Bolsheviks, who have accused them of being insensitive to minorities by embracing white values, particularly the values of the 1950s, which were rife with racism, sexism and homophobia.  Universities have responded by doubling down on diversity indoctrination.

Actually, universities have continued one of the biggest cover-ups in history.  The cover-up has its roots in the 1970s, when radicals and flower children from the previous decade began rising through the faculty ranks of universities, to eventually become department heads, a position that enabled them to spread their Marxist ideology throughout academia and to younger generations.  At the same time, just as blacks were starting to recover from the horrible legacies of slavery, Jim Crow and redlining, the same leftists set back black progress by spreading the notion that bourgeois values were not the answer for blacks (and other minorities)—and that instead, state paternalism, state welfare, and state parenting were the answer.

The success of Asians shows how wrong the intelligentsia were—which explains why they downplay Asian success and refuse to admit that it is largely due to bourgeois values.

News Roundup 9/20/17

  • Trump gave a speech to the UN General Assembly. [Link]
  • Trista Parsi explains how Trump conflated Iran and North Korea in his speech to the UN. [Link]
  • Someone used Bitcoin to buy a home for the first time. [Link]
  • Families of victims of the US drone program are suing in court for the US to admit the strike was unlawful and to apologize. [Link]
  • The Spanish government is searching for ballots to try to seize them to prevent the Catalonian independence vote. Police have also questioned several mayors from the Catalonian region. [Link]
  • Myanmar’s leader says she is not afraid of claims that her country is engaging in ethnic cleansing. She says over 50% of Rohingya villages are intact. [Link]
  • Iran’s President says no one will trust the US again if the US backs out of the nuclear deal. [Link]
  • The US closed a military outpost in southern Syria near the border with Iraq. [Link]
  • The Pentagon is working to improve communications with Russia in Syria. [Link]
  • Marko Marjanovic sets the stage for the race for eastern Syria. Both the Assad backed forces and US-backed forces are looking to take as much ground from the Islamic State as possible. [Link]
  • Nine Yemeni civilians were killed by a Saudi airstrike. The civilians were in their home and most of the dead were children. [Link]


News Roundup 9/19/17

  • Hillary Clinton says she will not rule out challenging the results of the 2016 election in Russia involvement is deeper than she thought. [Link]
  • Donald Trump suggested the US should hold a military parade in Washington DC. Trump also said the message is to make the UN great. [Link]
  • The Trump Administration is looking to change the Presidential Policy Guidance to allow new detainees be sent to Guantanamo Bay and removing safeguards on the drone program that protect civilians. [Link]
  • The Senate passed the 2018 NDAA to give the military more than $700 billion in funding next year. [Link]
  • A Soviet officer who saved the world by deciding not to launch nuclear weapons in 1983 had died. [Link]
  • Mattis said the US has military options against North Korea. [Link]
  • The US carried out a show of force against North Korea by dropping live bombs near the DMZ. [Link]
  • Spain will not rule out using exceptional measures to prevent the Catalonian secession vote. [Link]
  • Officials say the London subway bombers have no ties to any militant group. [Link]
  • The US opened its first official military base on Israeli soil. [Link]
  • Ben Acheson argues the Taliban do not have a reason to surrender. [Link]
  • US Special Operations forces were within a couple of miles of the SDF position hit by a Russian airstrike. [Link]
  • Assad allied forces and US-backed forces are nearing each other in Deir Ezzor, Syria. US officials say that both sides are keeping lines of communication open to prevent any conflicts. [Link]

News Roundup 9/18/17

  • FEMA auctioned relief trailers just before Hurricane Harvey. FEMA said they were unsure if they had enough relief trailers to meet the demand created by recent hurricanes. [Link]
  • The Justice Department is ending a program that critiques local police departments. [Link]
  • The Innocence Project helped free an innocent man who was convicted of murder in 1996. [Link]
  • Harvard canceled plans to make Chelsea Manning a visiting fellow. The plans were canceled after CIA Director Pompeo refused to speak at the school. [Link]
  • Congressman Rohrabacher attempted to offer Trump a deal where Assange provides Trump proof that Russia did not provide the leaked emails. In exchange, Trump would give Assange a pardon. [Link]
  • A Federal judge says the Justice Department cannot withhold money from sanctuary cities. [Link]
  • 15 Marines were injured in a training accident. [Link]
  • US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley advocates for war with North Korea and Assad. [Link]
  • Josh Stimpson argues Trump needs to go to North Korea to meet with King Jung Un. [Link]
  • A bomb exploded on a UK subway injuring 30. Two men have been arrested in connection with the bombing. [Link]
  • Trump says the US is prepared to “defend our civilization” from North Korea. North Korea says it is seeking weapons to achieve equilibrium with the US. [Link]
  • Isreali settlers destroyed 70 Palestinian olive trees in two raids. [Link]
  • The CIA is looking for authority to carry out drone strikes in Afghanistan. [Link]
  • The Iraqi government is beginning a military operation against the Islamic State in the Anbar Province. The US will support the operation. [Link]
  • Bin Laden’s son calls for jihadists to continue the fight against Assad. [Link]
  • US-backed Kurdish forces in Syria said they would not allow Assad government troops to cross the Euphrates River. Russia said Assad allied troops have already crossed the river. [Link]
  • Reports have claimed that Russia carried out airstrikes against SDF forces outside of Deir Ezzor. Several SDF soldiers were injured. [Link] Russia disputes the claim they carried out the airstrikes. [Link]
  • Reports claim that the US has given YPG and SDF militias $2.2 billion in Soviet-style weapons. [Link]

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The Antiwar Comic: Where Would You Live?

Man, the pollution the military creates is just astounding.  It’s just another way war is so destructive.

The Antiwar Comic:  Where Would You Live?

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