Thursday, February 22, 2018


Who Protects Kids from Predatory Police and Prosecutors?

Raising teenage girls in the age of Snapchat exhibitionism is a challenging proposition – and it’s not made any easier by ambitious prosecutors seeking to criminalize unwise acts that fall within parental jurisdiction. Last April...

Mundane Lives Don’t Matter, So Don’t Try to Exercise Your Rights

In every encounter between a police officer and a citizen, only one life matters to the former – and it isn’t the latter. “Follow the commands of a police officer or risk dying,” snarled Major...

The Right to Resist and the Vindication of Julius Holmes

Julius Holmes was in his Macon, Georgia apartment cooking dinner when Officer Rogers arrived to arrest him. “I’ll be damned if you will,” Holmes hissed, making a furtive move toward a handgun he had placed...
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