The Stolen Life of Christopher Tapp


Freedom Zealot Podcast March 11, 2017: If he can withstand one final assault from the evil people who have stolen 20 years from his life, Christopher Tapp — wrongfully convicted of murder in 1998 — can walk out of prison a free man on April 25.

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Will Grigg (1963 - 2017), the former Managing Editor of The Libertarian Institute. He was an independent, award-winning investigative journalist and author. He authored five books, most recently Liberty in Eclipse: The War on Terror and the Rise of the Homeland Security State.


  1. Great article, as usual. Here’s a segment of This American Life about the case Will referred to (at around 32:30) in which Jim Trainum elicits a false confession from Kim Possible:

    (This was the case that eventually led him to write his book.)

    Very much worth listening to. Horrifying that false confession can happen without the detective even intending it. (At least, I don’t believe Trainum intended it; he strikes me as an honest person.)