News Roundup 6/8/17

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  • Trump is offering to help repair the relationship between Qatar and other GCC countries. Trump previously took credit for causing the rift in the relationship. [Link]
  • James Comey and Robert Mueller have dark pasts tied to the post 9/11 terror war. [Link]
  • Dennis Montgomery, a former intelligence contractor, is suing James Comey and other US officials for illegally spying on millions of Americans. [Link]
  • Russia fighters intercept US B-52 bombers flying parallel to the Russia border over the Baltic Sea. [Link]
  • The US does not expect Qatar will ask the 10,000 US troops stationed in Qatar to leave. Trump has claimed credit for Saudi Arabia cutting ties with Qatar. [Link]
  • The South Korean president is blocking the installation of addition THAAD missile defense systems in South Korea. The US secretly tried to install an additional four THADD systems. [Link]
  • 20 million people in 4 countries are facing a famine. Unlike most famine, these famines are caused by war. [Link]
  • Turkey snubs a US House resolution condemning Turkish bodyguards for attacking protesters in DC. A Turkish official said the resolution goes against the spirit of the US and Turkish alliance. [Link]
  • The Turkish Parliment passes a bill allowing Turkish troops to be stationed in Qatar. This move is seen as a show of support for Qatar. [Link]
  • Saudi Arabia gave Qatar a list of ten demands and 24 hours to meet those demands. Some of the demand include Qatar severing all ties with Iran and shutting down al-Jazeera. While Saudi did not specify what would happen if Qatar failed to meet the demands, some believe that Saudi implied they would use military force. [Link]
  • At least 12 people were killed by ISIS terror attacks in Iran. Iran said the terrorists were Iranians and hardliners within Iran blame Saudi Arabia for the attack. [Link]
  • Iraqi Kurds plan to hold a referendum vote for independence in September. The vote will be for all people in Kurdish lands, including those captured from ISIS. A Kurdish official said that a yes vote on the referendum does not mean that Kurdistan will declare independence from Iraq. [Link]
  • SDF forces have established a foot-hold in Raqqa. SDF forces are starting to push into the East and West of the city. [Link]
  • A Pentagon report on a March 16th US airstrike that hit a Mosque complex in Syria claims the strike only killed one civilian. International humanitarian agencies claim that the US killed at least 38 civilians. The US admits they did not talk to any eye witnesses or send anyone to look at the site that was bombed. [Link]
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Read Scott Horton's new book Fool's Errand: Time to End the War in Afghanistan