News Roundup 4/13/17

  • Trump changes his position on NATO and now says that NATO is not obsolete. [Link]
  • Trump will not label China as a currency manipulator. [Link]
  • Trump voice support for Janet Yellen, low-interest rates, and the import-export bank. Trump opposed all of these as a candidate. [Link]
  • More than 50 Members of Congress sign a letter demanding Trump seek Congressional authorization before any further escalation of the war in Yemen. [Link]
  • The US-coalition to retake Mosul has not made any meaningful progress in the past four weeks. [Link]
  • An MIT scientist makes the case that the Syrian chemical weapons attack was not carried out the way the US claims. [Link]
  • Russia vetos a UN Security Council resolution condemning Assad for a chemical weapons attack. [Link]

On FPF#26, I discuss Trump’s foreign policy. Trump’s Secretary of State thinks the US should be the world’s police force. Trump’s Press Secretary said Trump will attack Assad for using barrel bombs. Trump is taking a very aggressive policy against North Korea. LISTEN HERE!!