The Killer App Of Decentralized Law

Anarchy, decentralized law, call it what you will.  The key benefit of anarchy, from both the left and right wing perspectives, is that the cost of enforcement is integrated into the form of the law.

If a certain punishment is too expensive to enforce, then the market will favor another mode of enforcement.  The political effect of this is that by and large any legal order that emerges must conform to the consent of the people to whom it applies.  This favors social harmony and economic optimization over the long run.

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Zachary Sorenson worked for the United States Air Force for six years as a Navigation Officer. He recently quit because of a principled opposition to war. He considers himself to be a Libertarian, and studied Economics at the University of Maryland, College Park. He would like to see the resurgence of a non-political commitment to peace for its own sake, across the spectrum of ideologies.