Jack Hunter surveys libertarianism in 2017

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Jack Hunter, Editor of Rare Politics, published a lengthy but thoughtful analysis yesterday of the libertarian movement at the dawn of the Trump Administration. He reflects on the broad spectrum that comprises the whole movement – who we are, where we came from, where we find ourselves currently, and where we might be going as a movement.

Libertarians will no doubt quibble with some of Jack’s characterizations, highlight a few points of contention, or disagree with portions of his analysis (that’s natural for libertarians, right?), but he has accomplished a mighty feat by summarizing the state of libertarianism in 2017, which really requires writing an entire book.

We were also very pleased to see Jack mention Sheldon Richman and the Libertarian Institute in his essay. Since the Libertarian Institute’s founding in October of last year, our mission has been to work toward uniting our sometimes-disparate coalition of liberty lovers. Libertarian infighting is nothing compared to the worst abuses of the State – its wars, taxes, and monopoly power – so we must prioritize.

I think Jack has done us all a great service by compiling these thoughts.

I highly recommend reading his article with an open mind. Consider Jack’s comments as the opening remarks of an ongoing dialogue among libertarians. This is a conversation we must engage in, that is, if we truly aim to spread peace, liberty, and prosperity.

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Read Scott Horton's new book Fool's Errand: Time to End the War in Afghanistan
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Jared Labell is the Executive Director of The Libertarian Institute as well as Taxpayers United of America. A native of Texas, Jared is a history major whose work and interviews have been published by dozens of radio, newspaper, and television stations across Illinois and publicized nationally, including such media outlets as the Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times, WGN, Fox, ABC, NPR, and the Illinois Radio Network, as well as Antiwar.com, the Future of Freedom Foundation, and the Foundation for Economic Education.