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Read Scott Horton's new book Fool's Errand: Time to End the War in Afghanistan

As a longtime supporter of, I am always glad to plug the website and find reasons to discuss the cause that compels it to exist: non-interventionism. The antiwar position is libertarian. Libertarianism is antiwar.

The Libertarian Institute unquestionably follows in this tradition, including of course our founder and Managing Director, Scott Horton, who has worked for for years. We should also acknowledge that each of our principles have had our work featured on their site over the years as well.

With that said, I was extremely pleased to spot the following bumper sticker this morning, posted prominently in Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood on a lamppost at the corner of Milwaukee and Diversey:


I have three thoughts about this.

1) I did not post the sticker myself, so I would like to be friends with the individual who did!

2) How long has this Scott Horton-created sticker been posted there? Possibly as long as five years, as is currently celebrating 20 years of heroically championing non-interventionism.

3) We hope you’ll support the Libertarian Institute as we prepare to unveil some of our upcoming plans to spread the antiwar message within the libertarian community and work with other individuals and organizations outside of our movement to prioritize the antiwar cause.

And if you don’t already, please bookmark Read Jason Ditz’s incomparable news stories, check out the original articles, and if you can, consider supporting their work, too.

The Libertarian Institute and are both nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organizations and all donations are fully tax-deductible.


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Read Scott Horton's new book Fool's Errand: Time to End the War in Afghanistan
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Jared Labell is the Executive Director of The Libertarian Institute as well as Taxpayers United of America. A native of Texas, Jared is a history major whose work and interviews have been published by dozens of radio, newspaper, and television stations across Illinois and publicized nationally, including such media outlets as the Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times, WGN, Fox, ABC, NPR, and the Illinois Radio Network, as well as, the Future of Freedom Foundation, and the Foundation for Economic Education.