Thursday, December 14, 2017


Ask Not For Whom The Bell Tolls

Trump considering strike on NK missile facilities – Global Zero.

News Roundup 12/14/17

  • Omarosa Manigault resigns her position in the Trump administration. [Link]
  • Trump’s 60-day deadline for Congress to act on the Iran nuclear deal has passed. [Link]
  • Tina Smith has been appointed to replace Al Franken in the Senate by the Minnesota governor. [Link]
  • Doug Jones wins the Alabama Senate seat over Roy Moore. [Link]
  • A UN expert claims the US continues to torture detainees at Gitmo. [Link]
  • The White House walks back Tillerson’s statement that the US is ready for talks with North Korea. The White House reaffirmed that Trump sees talks with North Korea as pointless. [Link]
  • The US-allied forces have captured about 50 foreign Islamic State fighters in Iraq and Syria since the start of November. [Link]
  • The US Ambassador to Yemen prevented critical humanitarian infrastructure from reaching Yemen. The ambassador has also been unwilling to present the Houthi with an acceptable offer. [Link]
  • At least 39 people were killed by a Saudi airstrike in Yemen. The airstrike hit a police building and prison. [Link]
  • The Houthi and factions loyal to the deceased former president Saleh are close to making a deal. The Houthi have released several journalists who were loyal to Saleh. [Link]

News Roundup 12/13/17

  • James Bovard explains how the FBI is American’s secret police. [Link]
  • The US Coast Gaurd is operating secret floating prisons in the Pacific Ocean. [Link]
  • The US is using more special forces to mask the true scope of US wars. [Link]
  • Trump signs the 2018 NDAA. [Link]
  • Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel removes the US from being in a position to negotiate a deal in Israel. [Link]
  • Tillerson said he is willing to engage in talks with North Korea without preconditions. [Link]
  • NSA McMaster says Turkey and Qatar are growing problems for the US. [Link]
  • ISIS was able to revolutionize weapons manufacturing for insurgencies. [Link]
  • Turkey has placed warrants and bounties on two former high ranking US officials for their alleged role in a 2016 coup. [Link]
  • Moon of Alabama explains how the US is finally giving up on the push to remove Assad from power in Syria. [Link]
  • Syrian and Russia airstrikes kill and displace civilians in the Aleppo Province. [Link]
  • Will Porter explains why official civilian casualty counts in Yemen are too low. [Link]

New Interviews

I was interviewed recently by Stefan Molyneux, Jason Stapleton and Dave Smith. You know, about the wars and things.

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News Roundup 12/12/17

  • A man with a pipebomb injured himself and three other people in an attempted terror attack against the New York subway. [Link]
  • 100,000s remain in LA county jails because they are unable to pay bail. [Link]
  • Nikki Haley, “We don’t need other countries telling us whats right and wrong.” [Link]
  • The White House failed to report troop numbers in Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan. [Link]
  • Patrick Cockburn explains how Trump recognizing the Israeli capital as Jerusalem risks uniting the Muslim world. [Link]
  • Lybian National Army forces continue to fight Islamists in Benghazi. [Link]
  • Putin met with Turkish leader Erdogan. [Link] Putin also finalized an agreement between Russia and Egypt. Under the agreement, Russia will assist Egypt in building a nuclear power plant. [Link]
  • Putin announces a significant portion of Russia’s troops from Syria. [Link]
  • In Iraq, leading Shi’ite leaders are calling for Shi’ite militias to disarm and allow government forces to take control of their territory. [Link]
  • Max Abrams explains how the pundits were wrong about Assad and ISIS. [Link]
  • Moon of Alabama explains how US troops will be pushed to leave Syria now that ISIS has been defeated. [Link]

News Roundup 12/11/17

  • The Trump administration has made three moves against Saudi Crown Prince MbS in the past week. [Link]
  • Max Blumenthal on Russiagate and the Flynn plea. [Link]
  • House ethics panel finds evidence of intelligence agencies abusing spying programs. [Link]
  • Body cam video shows a police officer executing a man who was following their commands. The video is extremely graphic and shows the victim begging the police for his life. The shooting occurred in 2016, and the officer was acquitted at the at trial. [Link]
  • The man at the center of the Netflix series ‘Making a Murder’ will not be freed from prison after 7th Appeals Court overturned his release. [Link]
  • Representative Trent Franks will resign. [Link]
  • CNN retracts “groundbreaking” Russiagate story proving a connection between Wikileaks and Trump campaign. [Link] Glenn Greenwald reacts. [Link]
  • Congress passes a short-term spending bill to fund the government till December 22. [Link]
  • The Pentagon does not know the location of 44,000 military personnel. [Link]
  • Nikki Haley pushes other nations to sever diplomatic ties with North Korea. [Link]
  • Palestinians continue to protest the US moving the capital/embassy to Jerusalem. [Link] At least four have been killed by Israeli airstrikes and gunfire. [Link] Eric Margolis on Trump recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. [Link]  The EU will push Jerusalem as a capital of Palestine. [Link]
  • Israel has destroyed 410 Palestinian structures in 2017. Over 600 people have been displaced. [Link]
  • At least 15 UN Peacekeepers were killed in The Congo. [Link]
  • The Pentagon believes the US will be engaged in military operations against al-Shabaab for at least two more years. [Link]
  • 20% of the US coalition’s airstrikes in the Battle for Raqqa were carried out by drones. [Link]
  • Daniel Larison on the starvation of the people of Yemen. [Link]
  • Saudi Arabia continues to block humanitarian aid from reaching Yemen. [Link]

The Antiwar Comic: The “Terrorists” Are Dead

Always be wary of your sources.  Always.

The Antiwar Comic:  The “Terrorists” Are Dead

For more comics, visit The Webcomic Factory.

Obama Must Have Read My Post! He Says We Can’t Let Trump Be Hitler Because 60 Mil Will Die

Obama has been making the rounds lately.  He says that we shouldn’t be complacent just because we’re a democracy.  Hitler rose out of the Weimar democracy, you know.  60 million people died because of that.  Hint hint, let’s not go along with Trump.

News Roundup 12/8/17

  • Congressman John Conyers announces he will not seek reelection. Conyers endorsed his son to replace him. [Link]
  • Senator Al Franken announces he will resign in the coming weeks. [Link]
  • The Philadelphia government is moving forward with a bill to ban built proof glass in convenience stores. [Link]
  • The police officer who killed Walter Scott has been sentenced to 20 years. [Link]
  • The Honduran presidential election was stolen by the incumbent Hernandez. Hernandez is now suppressing protests against him. Twelve people have been killed in the protests. [Link]
  • Putin announces he will seek reelection. [Link]
  • North Korea’s Foreign Minister says US and South Korean military drills are making war unavoidable. [Link]
  • Moon of Alabama discusses the resistance to Trump’s plan to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. [Link]
  • Saudi Crown Prince MbS buys $450 million de Vinci painting. [Link]
  • The Hariri chaos in Lebanon helped to empower Hezbollah. [Link]
  • BuzzFeed publishes Erik Prince’s pitch to Trump for private war in Afghanistan. [Link]
  • The Houthi are holding 41 journalists in Sanaa hostage. [Link]

Even Hitler Wasn’t Hitler; Thaddeus Russell Applies “Scott Horton” Method of Analysis To WWII

I just participated in Thaddeus Russell’s recent WWII webinar.  I believe you can download the audio.  ( – there’s a paywall)

Russell is writing a book on this topic, so I won’t spoil his discussion ahead of time.  What I will say is that the information he presents about WWII is fascinating, particularly via his mode of analysis.  The title of Russell’s webinar (he says the content will form two chapters of his upcoming book) frame WWII as “the great blowblack”.  I don’t know to what degree the war was blowback to American policy, or a deliberate consequence of it, but I do know that the case is abundantly clear that WWII was a war American policy makers desperately sought.  For decades.  And they succeeded, didn’t they?

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